Doug Pettibone was born and raised in Los Angeles. When Doug was eight years old he picked up a guitar and immediately fell in love.
His first teacher was Andy Summers, formerly of The Police, who was studying music at Cal State Northridge at the time. At nine years old, Doug studied with Eddie Lafreniere, guitarist for big band leader Jimmy Dorsey. With Eddie’s guidance, Doug spent the next five years studying the music of Dave Brubeck and Duke Ellington.

In college, Doug discovered classical guitar, opening up a whole new world of music for him. He received a scholarship to Pepperdine University-Malibu for Jazz Guitar, Classical Guitar and Voice. Graduating with a triple major in 1984, it was time for Doug to learn how to forget all the analytical mechanics of music and play from his heart and gut. For the next 10 years, he would play any gig that would come along, no matter how bizarre.

In 1999, Doug landed a world tour with Jewel that would last for a year and a half. In 2001, he was hired to play pedal steel, mandolin and background vocals for Tracy Chapman’s North American tour. Not long after that, critically-acclaimed Lucinda Williams hired him as her multi-instrumentalist, singer and music director to tour, record, and co-produce. Dougs collaboration with Lucinda is famous and lasted for eight years. And then he realised a bunch of projects with other artists, he toured with Ray LaMontagne and in 2009 it was Marianne Faithfull who called him up to go on tour. After that Marianne and Doug started to write together new songs for a new record.

With his broad musical education and professional experience, Doug is able to morph his style into about any musical situation he is thrown into; however, he always seems to find his way back to the music of the fields and the streets—Blues, Country and Roots.
In the last few years, Doug has played live and/or recorded with some of the most influential artists of our times, among them Keith Richards, Norah Jones, Steve Earle, Elvis Costello, Joan Baez, Vic Chestnut, Mark Knopfler, Draco Rosa, Sting, and many more talented artists. No wonder that Doug Pettibone happens to be one of America’s most wanted session guitarists for American music.

In between all the touring and recording, Doug released a solo record "The West Gate" in October 2004. With this first solo album he makes a triumphant appearance onto the landscape of great American songwriters and delivers a tight collection of songs that are staggeringly beautiful in their simplicity. Doug is working on another solo album that is scheduled for release in later 2013.